Ensure a proper daily vitamins intake

In 1992, studies showed that only 1 out of every 25 Americans were getting the minimum recommended daily allowance of vitamins. Diets have steadily become more and more unhealthy since then, so the number is very likely smaller today than 18 years ago.

A regular vitamin regime is one of the easiest steps a person can take to start pursuing an optimal level of health. In a perfect world, our bodies get all the necessary nutrients from our food. Many diseases and disorders are caused due to the damage in the body created by oxidation. The free radicals (FRs) that are produced every day in the body are known to cause oxidative damage in the body which is one of the reasons for aging process. Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C behave as antioxidants to clean up the FRs and prevent the body from the damage. Unfortunately, most people do not get everything they need from a modern diet. Although the acquisition of high quality organic foods can help solve this problem, even that is often not enough.

Additionally, it is especially difficult to maintain the proper vitamin intake if you have any allergies or are subject to any dietary restrictions. Even just having a poor appetite can be a great disadvantage when it comes to getting adequate amounts of all the essential nutrients the body needs. The main sources of vitamins include coarse food grains, vegetables, fruits and eggs. Coarse food grains contain low heat and abundant vitamins. Fruits are the major source of all the vitamins required by human body. Eating all kinds of fruits keeps the physical as well as the mental condition of a person fit and satisfactory.People who want to lose weight can use coarse food grains to take the place of staple foods, as coarse food grains can not only deal with hunger, but also help people lose weight. Obesity is caused by the imbalance of supersession. Vitamin B complex is just a kind of important nutrient to affect the human supersession. Therefore, the lack of vitamin B complex can cause obesity.

Some of the sources of Vitamin C are green vegetables, citrus fruits, berries, tomatoes, cantaloupe, guava, mango, pineapple, Broccoli and so on. Some of the sources of vitamin E are olive oil, wheat, wheat germ, brown rice, oat meal, sweet potato, green peppers, Broccoli, water cress and many more. The strong bones are required for people of all age groups, but especially the children and students must take in good quantity of orange juices and apples. Moreover, fruits are refreshing due to their rich and sweet tastes. To keep yourself fresh and energetic you must increase the consumption of fresh fruit juices on regular basis. The vitamin B1, B2 and B3, B5, B6 and B9 are necessary for the healthy growth of blood cells in the body. Where as the vitamin C, which is found in the banana, apple, lemon, orange, strawberry, mango and grapes is an important anti oxidant which protects the body tissues and cells from getting damaged. Some of the natural sources of vitamin A are carrots, spinach, red and yellow pepper, sweet potato, apricots, mangoes, and cantaloupe and so on. Because of the low quality of many of our non-organic fruits and vegetables, most of us will benefit greatly from daily vitamin and mineral supplementation. One of the most beneficial nutrients is Vitamin B12, which can substantially increase energy levels and boost immune system functioning. Other nutrients that are also important to maintain good health are vitamin A, C, D and E.
It's best to start eating an organic diet full of colorful fruits and vegetables. But even if you're eating well, it's still essential to take food supplements. And when it comes to supplements, it's best to go organic as well
If you would like more information on setting up a regime to take vitamins it's a good idea to consult your physician.

Why is setting up a regime to take a good vitamin and mineral supplement so important? Many medical problems are caused not by bacteria and viruses, or even real physiological problems. They are often the result of poor nutrition. Over an extended period of time, a diet devoid of nutrients leads to a variety of deficiency diseases that usually require medical care and in some cases, hospitalization and can actually lead to death.

It is therefore vital that we all take advantage of the advances in health science and invest in our own health through a daily regime of nutritional supplementation. Not only will this supplementation increase our well being today, it will also prevent us from developing a number of deficiency diseases in the future. Besides this it must be understood here that the physical fitness is attached with the mental health of a person. When a person is physically fit, he most probably has a good mental condition. So the vitamins in fruits are important to keep the mental and physical health in good condition. The benefits of fruits are countless. It has been statistically proven that people who practice good nutrition throughout their lives, including a regular regime of vitamins, live longer and have a higher quality of life when they get older.


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